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AKC Phantom Moyen Poodle


Jewels is an AKC moyen size Poodle (28lbs, 18.5")  She has a calm, nurturing demeanor and is very smart!

Eme kyky ata Bb Ssp

AKC Phantom Moyen Poodle


Ruby is an AKC Standard (Moyen) Poodle (28lbs, 18"). She has the sweetest demeanor and loves to be right by your side.

Eme kyky ata bb Ssp

AKC Phantom Moyen Poodle


Sapphire is an AKC Standard (Moyen) Poodle (28lbs, 18").  Like her sisters, Jewels & Ruby, she is very calm and laid back.  Loves to play and snuggle! 

Eme kyky ata bb Ssp



Pearl is an AKC Small Standard (Moyen) Poodle (30lbs, 17 3/4").

She has gorgeous black & white parti coloring.  She has a calm demeanor. She is one of the sweetest dogs you'll meet!

Ee Bb KBKB atat spsp

AKC Miniature Poodle


Opal is an AKC Miniature Poodle (17lbs 14").  She is retired from our program and is living her best life with good friends of ours!


Little Debbie

Little Debbie l is an AKC Miniature Poodle (15lbs 14").  She is knows she's spoiled and has lots of spunk! 

Eme bb KBky atat Ssp

Australian Shepherd


Cricket is an Australian Shepherd weighing 40lbs. She loves her job working cattle at our farm. She is very intelligent and athletic.

Red Merle Australian Shepherd


Peach is an Australian Shepherd weighing 55lbs. She is the life of the party and always excited to play with our kids and other dogs when she isn’t helping move cattle at our farm.

Star - Female

Red Tri Australian Shepherd


Rosie is a Miniature Australian Shepherd weighing 23lbs. She has a sweet, submissive personality.  She will help the other aussies work cattle but prefers to play with our kids.

Merle Aussiedoodle
Australian Shepherd



Daisy is a f1 Miniature Aussiedoodle  weighing 14lbs. She is the friendliest little dog you'll ever meet! Loves snuggling on the sofa & playing with Donna's grandchildren.

Owned by: Donna Ziegler

Rue is a Miniature Australian Shepherd weighing 23lbs. She loves playing with kids and is very smart!

Owned by: Donna Ziegler


Fern is an AKC Miniature Poodle weighing 9lbs and standing 12" tall. She is very loyal and calm. Fern is SUPER smart! She enjoys spending time with "her people"




Moose is an AKC Standard Poodle.

He is a beautiful phantom abstract (22" 37lbs). He is very smart & obedient. He loves fetch and is learning to do water sports.

Eme Bb kyky atat ssp

OFA Hip Prelim: Good

OFA Elbow: Normal

OFA Cardiac: Normal

Miniature Parti Poodle


Dash is an AKC Miniature Poodle.

He is a brown & white parti (10.5", 12lbs)  He is my shadow – always following me around the house wanting to be picked up and snuggled.

Ee bb KBKB atat spsp



Mick is an AKC Moyen Poodle (16lbs, 16").  He is owned by Jennifer Eber

He is the friendliest guy you'll ever meet and has beautiful confirmation.

EmEm Bb kyky atat ssp M*m

Genetically Clear, including IVDD/CDDY/CDPA

ata Bb Ee KBky m*M

PennHip: Right 0.39 & Left 0.50



Boston is a miniature AKC Poodle

(10lbs, 13.5").  He is a phantom who is CLEAR for CDDY/IVDD

He has lovely, square confirmation

Ee Bb kyky atat SS

OFA Hip Prelim: Good

OFA Patella: Normal

OFA Cardiac: Normal

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